Start a business with the newest technology, NFC!

Customers just "TAP" their phone to punch their loyalty card and more!

NFC Mobile Punch Card

Just tap your phone to a NFC sticker and the app will punch your loyalty card.

One App Does It All

The first rewards app to use NFC technology. Consumers can manage all of their rewards on one app.

Geo Fencing

Help busineses target consumers based on their location. Create zones that automatically send offers to consumers when they enter or exit the zone.

Automated Push Notifications

Create autopilot offers that get sent to customers at pre-determined times or actions.

Push Notification Broadcasts

Broadcast offers to all businesses subscribers with push notification offers.

Spin to Win

Gamify a rewards program using the NFC spin to win on the feature. Consumers tap their phone to an NFC tag and the wheel starts spinning.

Automated Birthday Offers

Reward your customers on their birthday by sending them an automated offer that drives them into your business.

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