Geo Fencing - Proximity Marketing

Send exclusive offers to customers based on their location.

Attract customers within a GEO targeted area

Simple Setup

Geofences may pack a technology punch, but it could not be easier to set them up for a businesses.

Leverage Locations

There is no better marketing than having the ability to market to a consumer when they are in the right location.

Push Notifications

Geofences use GPS to know when a consumer passes through the area and at that moment they will receive a push notification.

Deals & Offers

GeoFences work great for sending deals and specials to consumers within a specific location to bring them in to their business

Timely Marketing

Geofences give businesses the ability to market time and location based products, specials events and more.

Consumer Enagement

Geofences help keep consumers engaged with what is going on with products and services that businesses have to offer.

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