FAQs For PerkUp and TapPerks Opportunities

No!  You pay month to month for your reseller license and you can cancel anytime.  

We set you up with your own business and you grow recurring income selling the hottest marketing solution to local businesses. 

With the Perkup system you will sell the Digital Loyalty Kiosks, Automated Engagement, Mobile Deals & Text Marketing.

With the TapPerks business you will have a mobile app that you setup all the local businesses rewards programs on.  Then consumers can have all their rewards programs on one app.  You also sell automated text engagement and mass mobile offers to businesses.

You can also license an all-in-one system and sell all of the products to local businesses.  They work seamlessly together.

TapPerks - NFC Rewards App Business
You can launch a local rewards app with NFC technology (same as Apple Pay).  You will have a white label website and use our iOS and Android Mobile App. The app is the most cutting-edge and robust rewards app on the market.  Consumers can manage all their favorite businesses rewards on one app! The NFC apps features include; NFC Loyalty Punch Cards, Spin to Win, Automated Engagement, Mass offer Broadcasts, and Birthday program.


PerkUp - Loyalty Kiosks, Mobile Deals & Text Business
PerkUp is a white-label  business you can start that has our flagship product, the loyalty kiosks.  The loyalty kiosks are a tried and proven system that has had huge success. This system includes several products in one.  The mobile deals builder is the best tool around for building mobile deals and blasting them to subscribes. Consumers can redeem their offers right on their phone.  PerkUp also includes full featured text marketing system with keywords, shortcode, VIP text clubs, text to win and more.


Combined All-In-one System
You can license both Perkup and Tapperks system and they work seamlessly together.  The NFC app and loyalty kiosks work together so the consumer sees all their rewards no matter if the business is using a kiosk or NFC punch card.

Yes!  You own your business 100% and you keep 100% of all your sales.  We just collect a small monthly licensing fee for the turn-key business.

We only put one reseller in each area so no one is crossing paths with local businesses.  But it is an internet business and you can sell anywhere.

We provide everything you need for success.  Our proven software system, marketing website, sales scripts, video tutorials, customizable marketing material and more!  NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! 

Yes.  The entire system and your website will all be white-labeled and setup on your domain.  You just purchase a domain from Godaddy and we point it to our servers and that brands everything with your domain.   All the marketing material etc is customizable to your brand. For TapPerks you will have a white label business and be using the PerksNearby NFC app.

It only takes 2 business days to get setup from the time you send us what your domain is.  You will be out selling within a week!

Once your website and system is setup, there will be step by step instructions for learning the system and starting to sell to business. The system is very easy to use and you should be selling within a week.

We provide suggested pricing but since it is your business you are able to charge whatever you would like.  Most resellers are collecting $149/mo - $499/mo from business depending on the services and amount of subscribers.

We have a FREE  billing system you can use to charge your customers.  You can collect their credit cards, set up recurring charges and one time charges.  You create a Stripe.com account and the money goes directly into your bank account. You can also use any other means of charging customers you would like.

NO!  It takes less than 10 minutes to set up a business on the rewards app.  Creating an NFC punch card, assigning NFC tags, creating spin to win and birthday programs is a cinch.  No experience needed.

NO!  People get intimidated because they are working with tablets and tablet apps but we made it so easy to set up anyone can do it. Below are the steps for setting up a business with their loyalty kiosk.  It has never been easier!

  1. Create their loyalty program in your admin. Takes less than 10 minutes
  2. Download the tablet kiosk app to a tablet (its a real app, not a web app)
  3. When you open the tablet you enter a code to pull up a specific loyalty program.
  4. Plugin in the business.  YOU ARE DONE!

The loyalty kiosks will work on almost any Android tablet.  We suggest a couple that we like in the price range of $60-$150 depending on quality screen you want.  Most of our resellers just order them right on Amazon. Then you just download the app to the tablet. Remember, you charge a business a setup fee of $199-$299 so you never have any out of pocket cost for setting up a business.

Yes.  Both systems are built to work with a one location business up to hundreds.  You will be able to give businesses analytics for each of their locations.

Barely any ongoing support.  The main effort is in setting up the program initially.  The only support after that is when you need to make a small tweak or sending monthly text blasts. You can even have the business send their own text blasts so you won't even have to do that.

Yes, but that is up to you.  You have total control of what you want the business to access if anything in the business panel.  Most resellers do not give businesses access to the business panel except for doing their own text blasts.

We are running a promotion through this Friday for only $149 to start your business!  You can be your own boss and own the most cutting edge business for less then most people pay in coffee per month!

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